Nikiti Chalkidikis
Nikiti, Sithonia Chalkidiki, is a place where you will enjoy your holidays, as it is a relaxing and quite place but it can, also, offer many ways of entertainment, if you know where to go..
Old Nikiti

Old Nikiti is one of the places you really do not want to miss. Apart from the quaint narrow streets, the stone-built houses, the Old School and the traditional square you will be able to admire the great view from the top.


IMG 1981

IMG 1979


The Port

The full of lightsbeachfront street of Nikiti is definitely one of the places you will walk through. This street leads to the port, which you will not have to miss. The big sailing boats and the small traditional fishing boats make that place really beautiful.


IMG 1968IMG 3527


The Beaches

In front of the Filianna Apartments & Studios there is a big beach, where there are beach bars and a lot of space to locate your umbrella and enjoy your swim. Moreover, because of the fact that Nikiti is located in the begining of Sithonia, you have the chance to make excursions to the perfect beaches either in the West or in the East Side of Sithonia.


In the West side of Sithonia you will meet the above beaches:

Koviou Beach
Kalogria Beach
Spathies Beach

furthermore, in the east side there are the following beaches..

Lagomandra Beach
Lagonisi Beach
Karidi Beach
Kavourotripes Beach